Hyperstone is a world leading supplier of NAND Flash controllers but also ofan unique unified RISC/DSP processor architecture. Based in Konstanz in Germany with subsidiaries in Taiwan and USA, Hyperstone, with the help of partners like ATREP, serves a global customer base.

NAND Flash Memory Controllers


CompactFlash (CF) controllers, SD Card controllers, Turnkey-solutions including firmware and manufacturing-kits for solid state storage applications including Secure Digital cards (SD), Multi-Media-Cards (MMC), Compact Flash memory cards (CFC), mini-SD, Reduced-size MMC (RSMMC), USB-memory sticks, and Solid State Disks (SSD) and Disk-on-Modules (DOM) as well as embedded Flash Disks in various industrial applications.



Microcontroller, microprocessor, communication controller and network processor chips (hyNet-Family) and application specific standard products (ASSP) based on our unified RISC/DSP processor.

32-bit RISC/DSP Processor “E1”
32-bit RISC/DSP Microcontroller “E2”
32-bit COMMUNICATION Controller “hyNet S”
32-bit COMMUNICATION Controller “hyNet XS”